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I must increase my bust! [INCOMPLETE] [Oct. 8th, 2005|11:17 am]
STONERS UNITE! The Dirty Secrets of Digimon!


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Now understand I had to do this. I should be writing the clichè fic so I figure, why not bring the clichè here? Cue to rant. ^^

Kouji, Kouji, my dearest Kouji, WHY? What have they done to the real thing and what is this that looks like him and has the same voice? Surely a joke. They don't honestly expect me to believe that Kouji is a good little boy who works hard in school and makes out with whoever on the sides.

Hum. Yes, he's serious. You think I don't see that? No, he doesn't work oh-so hard in school and try to be a perfect little boy to his negligent bastard of a father. Why would Kouji try to please others? Has he done so in canon...ever? I don't think so. Why would he do anything in school at all? Remember that other thing, how he's, you know, bored all the time? I can't help but see him stare into space when he's supposed to be taking a test.

How often do we see him showing much emotion at all? (this will apply for later parts of this rant) He won't hum happily while doing homework. "Yay. If I get an A then Father will take me out for ice cream and acknowledge me for two seconds. Life is painful and sweet!" He'll more likely sit on the couch and scribble things. What the hell? Lost little child wanting attention, me thinks...if anyone that's Tomoki or Takeru. Kouji seems more independent than that and more adult, certainly.

That's the motivation, am I right? Or is he just a good little boy who wubs...probably Izumi or Takuya. Yes, good little boy, used little boy, weak little boy, sensitive little boy, girl, Uke Lord. Not the ass whipping guy who likes to say "whatever." that I remember. No, no. Waitaminute! I know what you're going off of!

He cried.


In the last episode.

That one I doubt you saw.

Because...nevermind, this leads to a different rant.

Do you know why he cried?


I think that's reasonable. I don't think that makes him sobby. Like the one you usually make seme, Takuya. Guess what, he cried too! Remember the Toyland incident. Yeah, he cried, Kouji didn't. And he cried another time, yes, he had a very good reason (seeing the light) but still, Takuya cried more.(I saw no tears in the Duskmon=Vader part. He was sobbing, that's different.) Nya na! Because you know, Kouji was probably getting pretty near the light himself the episode prior but he didn't cry. Ha!

Next, let's analyze another way the wild stupid write the Spirit of Light. The jerk ass, of course. That little bastard who hates all around him and feels the need to tear everyone's guts out in ear shattering screams.

Repeat after me: Minamoto Kouji is not a bad person.

Now write it on the board three hundred times.

I don't know WHAT version of the show you've been watching probably the dub but either it's told you wrong or you're just an idiot. He has never struck me as a mean person. Stand off-ish =/= jerk. He does not go home cackling, run to his room, click a button on a remote, and decend to a kitten's torture chamber. Where is your fucking basis?!

Oh, I see. Those who actually give a damn about their friends are the bad ones. Who remembers episode 21? You know, the one where Takuya had that plan and Kouji opposed it saying it would work the day the sky fell. And they had that talk and Kouji thought our widdle pyro wasn't taking things seriously. There, we had Kouji worried about everyone dying because of his friend's stupidity. And to further this, when Duskmon attacked Agnimon about five minutes later guess who blocked the blow.

It wasn't Izumi who supposedly likes him.

It wasn't Tomoki who worships him.

It wasn't Junpei who...um...well, they get along.

And it sure as hell wasn't Bokomon or Neemon, the chicken extrodinaires.

Yes, that only leaves Kouji. Not Kouichi, not that you like him anyway (No logic here. Must die.) Not Ophanimon who magically floated there. Not Seraphimon who wiggled out of his egg at full size. IT.WAS.KOUJI! That's right, it was Kouji who fell to the ground beaten for taking the other's blow. (which would have been worse for Takuya too as he was using his human spirit while the others were using their beast spirits)

Must I display more instances of niceness? He leant Izumi his jacket when she was cold. He didn't murder his father for lying about his mother's death--or even hit him. He helped Takuya cook the group's food. He helped take care of the whiny baby digimon. He worried too much to fight Duskmon as opposed to going in and saying, "Screw it!".

We see that he likes to be alone. That doesn't mean he wants to destroy the entire human race. People often work and think better when alone and not distracted. Besides, is it completely unreasonable to say that maybe he just isn't a very social creature?


[User Picture]From: blackjackrocket
2005-10-09 03:43 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: fallenwind
2005-10-09 03:52 pm (UTC)
You're welcome, but that's only the begining as Reilon and I were called back to her house for the rituals.
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[User Picture]From: darksome_raven
2005-10-19 05:50 pm (UTC)
Guh, you're a crazy cat. . . .yes. That's for sure.
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