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Stoners Unite!

To Infinity and Beyond with a boner!

STONERS UNITE! The Dirty Secrets of Digimon!
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Welcome, all! This community is deticated to the suggestive appearance in the anime series, Digimon! I already posted my warning inside but here it is again! "Basically, this is where we reveal the truth about the characters on Digimon Frontier... and 01 and 02, once I finish watching 'em. All Tamers fans.. shoo! And all who hate yaoi, koukou, or blatant referances to drugs, smoking, sex, alcohol, stalkers, rapists, pimps and strippers... SHOOOOO!!! That's all that this community is about!! ... These theories are just that... THEORIES! They, sadly, are in no way, shape, form, or physical form of art (that I know of) true. I do not own the anime Digimon." This is on open post, but flamers, don't ruin it!!